Stop and Frisk Mayson Ave

May 7th 2018. Police stopped and detained two black men who were walking on Mayson Ave. Both were put in handcuffs, searched, and held in squad cars. Officers gave no explanation for the targeting. One officer threatened to ticket the Copwatch cameraman for crossing the street. After almost an hour, both men were released. They were not charged or accused of any wrongdoing.

Police Violence at Newnan, GA Anti-Racist Protest

On Saturday, April 21st 2018, anti-racist and anti-fascist activists protested a hate rally in Newnan, GA.

Our Copwatch teams directly observed the protest, and what we documented is far different from the story the police have told.

- Police claim that activists were arrested for wearing masks, but we have video showing several of those charged with "wearing a mask" were completely unmasked.

Georgia Tech Is Trying to Repress Activists. Here's How To Resist

Following the murder of Scout Schultz by Georgia Tech Police, Atlanta universities have been cracking down on protesters and dissent on campus. Several people are facing aggressive prosecution for participating in protests, and students are being kicked out of school based only on the claims of the police.

Wanted: Pics/video of APD cops without nametags

APD officers are supposed to wear nametags which clearly identify them. But often they don’t, especially when wearing non-standard uniforms. If police won’t identify themselves, how can we hold them accountable?

If you have video or pictures of APD officers without visible nametags, we want to see it. Please get in touch!

Cops in Masks Make Violent Arrest, Seize Property, Refuse to Identify Themselves


February 13, 2016
"Lil Joe" was driving a car that he and his friends had rented for a vacation trip. Police reportedly pulled him over and claimed that he had an outstanding warrant before they had even identified him.

Witnesses saw Lil Joe pulled violently from the car and slammed face down on the ground. Bystanders objected to the treatment and demanded officers identify themselves, but some police were wearing face masks and most officers refused to identify themselves.