APD officers refuse to identify themselves while conducting roadblock


Four APD officers were conducting a roadblock.

Two APD officers refused to identify themselves to copwatch volunteers. The male officer, when asked "are you refusing to identify yourself?" explicitly indicated "yep". The female officer when asked the same questions turned her head and walked away without acknowledging the request.

The male officer drove away in vehicle numbered 29309.

The female officer drove away in vehicle numbered 29312, License plate GV09598.

APD Seizes Camera, Tries To Suppress Footage of Raid


On April 22nd, 2010, Copwatch of East Atlanta observed APD officers searching a local business (Kloud9) with a drug sniffing dog.  We approached the scene and tried to document the situation with a camera phone.

Several officers demanded that we stop filming them.  When we continued to exercise our right to observe, officer Anthony Kirkman grabbed the cameraperson (Marlon) and, with the help of other officers, physically wrenched the camera out of Marlon's hands.

Officer Larkin refuses to identify himself


Copwatch observers were documenting the police force homeless people out of Hurt Park in Downtown Atlanta. The activists approached one of the officers involved and asked him to identify himself, as all Atlanta Police are required to do. The officer refused, and covered his name tag to hide his identity from the observers. As the officer rode away, one observer was able to get a look at his name tag, and identified him as Officer Larkin.

North Ave. Traffic Stop


Two copwatchers came upon a police stop at North Ave and Boulevard and began filming. Police stated that the copwatchers were not allowed to film, accused them of blocking the sidewalk, told them to "leave, right now," and ignored requests for identification.

Mountain Justice EPA Protest


Copwatch of East Atlanta was observing a mountain justice demonstration on March 1st, 2010 in front of the EPA office in Atlanta.  While filming the police line in front of the building the following interaction took place. The videographer was told by a Federal Protection Services officer that he could not film the front of the building from the sidewalk, that it was illegal. When the videographer requested the officers name and badge number the officer refused to provide them. Instead he asked for the videographers ID, and then immediately walked away.