Another Motorcycle Cop Won't Give His Name


Oct. 2nd, 2011 9:00pm
An unidentified officer on police motorcycle #27616, license plate GM0 005 refused to identify himself.  He claimed that he was busy, and that the observers were obstructing him by asking for his name.  He then stood idly for several minutes, and afterward actively engaged the observers in conversation.  Just before leaving, the officer pretended to identify himself, but deliberately throttled his engine to make himself inaudible.

APD officers are required by department regulations to provide their name and assignment number to members of the public when asked.  The reason is obvious: holding officers accountable for misconduct becomes virtually impossible if the offender can remain anonymous.

Atlanta police have sought to avoid identification in the past in order to avoid being held responsible for misconduct.  One example is the <a href="">raid of the Atlanta Eagle</a>.  Courts have repeatedly reinforced the duty of officers to identify themselves to the public.

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