Barbecue interrupted by K9 search, police find nothing


July 23, 2013 3:00pm
A group of people were having a barbecue at a house on the corner of Foote St and Wesley Ave. This property has been subject to repeated harassment and targeting, often without justification. A man was singled out and cuffed by Officer Payne (Assignment #3637) under the supervision of Sgt. Thomas (#3697). The man was held for at least 30 minutes while R. Godwin (#5929) used a dog to exhaustively search the area. At one point Officer Eastridge (#3638) opened a cooler, despite objections from the people present that they didn't want the dog licking their bottled water. At no point did we see anyone consent to a search.

Despite the invasive K9 search, police found no evidence of any wrongdoing. They released the man and left.

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