Get Support

Here are some typical ways we can support you and your community:

Directed Patrols

If you know of an area that has a high level of police harassment, we can do special patrols in that area on request. Please let us know the specific area and the best times to conduct patrols.

Political Demonstration Support

If you are organizing a political demonstration and are concerned about possible police misconduct, we can provide police monitoring for the event.

Assistance with Complaints

Reporting police abuse is very important, but it can also feel complicated and intimidating. If you need help or advice in following up on an incident of police abuse, we are happy to advise. Keep in mind that we aren't lawyers, but we can provide practical advice on filing complaints.

"Know Your Rights" Trainings

Everyone needs to know what their rights are when dealing with the police. Copwatch of East Atlanta offers a free workshop on asserting your rights, using real-life scenarios to educate in a fun and accessible way. If you would like us to give this training for your community, please let us know. We can also tailor the workshop material to focus on particular issues, if desired. To get an idea what our trainings are like, watch a sample: