Cop Threatens Kids With Shotgun


Edgewood Courts Apartment, Edgewood, Atlanta, GA

Copwatch arrived to a scene where police were trying to prevent black youths from gathering in large groups in public.  By the time we arrived, 10-12 cops were present, along with an APD helicopter, which buzzed the area extremely low, apparently in an effort to intimidate civilians in the area.
Based on eyewitness interviews, here is what we learned had happened:
A cop tried to disperse a group of children on Marona St, telling them they were not allowed to gather.  When the crowd refused to disperse, the cop sprayed mace indiscriminately at the children.  The officer then drew his gun and pointed it at the crowd.  Someone threw a brick in the road, but did not hit anyone.  The officer retrieved a shotgun from his squad car, and threatened to shoot, at which point the kids ran in fear for their lives.

The offending officer was pointed out by multiple sources, and was identified as K.T. Parker, Badge# 6504.

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