Cops Detain Innocent People for Hours


April 21st, 2013 11am
Two MARTA police officers (Officers Jann and Huff) stopped 3 young men as they were leaving the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station.  The cops stopped them, ordered them to sit on the ground, and then questioned them.  Finding nothing suspicious, the 3 were allowed to leave.  But within a few minutes, they were stopped again by more police.  This time they were held for over 2 hours and interrogated by APD Officer C Jones about a supposed purse-snatching which had happened the previous day.

Officers claim that the young men all "fit the description", even though the 3 looked very different from each other.  An actual description was never provided.  Initially the police claimed there was one suspect, but later they said they were looking for 3 people.  Despite being held for hours, police did not seem to perform any investigation other than questioning the young men repeatedly, at times about completely unrelated matters.

Shortly after copwatch activists arrived, the 3 were released.

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