Cops in Masks Make Violent Arrest, Seize Property, Refuse to Identify Themselves


"Lil Joe" was driving a car that he and his friends had rented for a vacation trip.  Police reportedly pulled him over and claimed that he had an outstanding warrant before they had even identified him.

Witnesses saw Lil Joe pulled violently from the car and slammed face down on the ground.  Bystanders objected to the treatment and demanded officers identify themselves, but some police were wearing face masks and most officers refused to identify themselves.

Rather having a towing company bring the car to impound, an officer drove the car out of view, and was followed by police cruisers.  Lil Joe's friends and family were concerned that things would be planted or stolen in the car, but police refused to answer questions.

When the car was recovered, all the laptops, tablets and other electronics in the car were missing.  Police provided no receipt or information about what had happened to all these items.

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