Edgewood Roadblock Leads to SWAT Team Attack on Neighboring House


On May 11th, 2013 Atlanta Police (APD) conducted a roadblock on Mayson Ave and Hardee St in the Edgewood Neighborhood. A man who lived a few houses down from the roadblock parked in front of his house and was going inside when officers came from the intersection and began demanding his ID. The man did not pass through the roadblock and did not feel he needed to comply. He was peppersprayed before he entered his house and a SWAT team was called. A standoff ensued. The SWAT team shot teargas rounds through every window before ripping the security door off it's hinges, entering the house and arresting the man.

The house remained unlivable for weeks after the raid as it was completely contaminated with tear gas. As of July 2013 many of the windows are still broken or boarded up and the family has not been able to repair the extensive damages to the house.

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