Response to Recent Inaccurate Claims

Copwatch was surprised to read in East Atlanta Patch that the Kirkwood Neighborhood Association had censured our organization, and we were shocked to see the reasons they cited. All three of the accusations against Copwatch are false, and it's troubling that they got this far before we were given a chance to address them. Hopefully we can dispel them now:

Two Innocent Teens Held In Cuffs


May 6th, 2013
A young man was stopped by Lt. Johnson on Mayson Ave near Hardee St, suspected of committing a robbery. When the young man exercised his constitutional right to remain silent, Lt. Johnson responded by cuffing him and driving him away in a squad car. Johnson was heard saying "You don't want to talk, so we have to go talk to the people who said they saw you."

He was transported several blocks away and held along with another young man for about an hour. Eventually both were released when witnesses said that neither of them had committed the crime.

Cops Detain Innocent People for Hours


April 21st, 2013 11am
Two MARTA police officers (Officers Jann and Huff) stopped 3 young men as they were leaving the Edgewood/Candler Park MARTA station. The cops stopped them, ordered them to sit on the ground, and then questioned them. Finding nothing suspicious, the 3 were allowed to leave. But within a few minutes, they were stopped again by more police. This time they were held for over 2 hours and interrogated by APD Officer C Jones about a supposed purse-snatching which had happened the previous day.

First-Hand Account of Recent Police Brutality


Octavious Mcghee was attacked and beaten by APD officers on Monday, April 8th 2013. His arrest and brutal treatment was the incident which set off waves of protest from the Edgewood Court community, including the arrest of Nakia Jenkins and Cory Hill, both of whom were also beaten. In this video, he gives a candid interview and explains exactly what happened on that day.

Cops Beat Youth, Spray, Beat and Arrest Bystanders


April 08, 2013

The first segment of video shows a youth being carried by officers after he was reportedly beaten by Officer Hall (#6728).

A crowd gathered and objected to the violence, and Lt. MJA Lewis (#3211) responded by attacking a man and woman in the crowd. They were both thrown to the ground, pepper-sprayed, and beaten while on the ground. The man was struck in the head, and has suffered a blood clot in his eye and other medical problems related to the beating.

Finally, the father of the woman who was arrested speaks out about the abuse of his daughter and son-in-law.