APD Policy Manual Published

Copwatch has published the Atlanta Police Department Policy Manual in order to give civilians information they need to fight police abuse. The manual includes all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which APD officers are required to abide by.

Child held in handcuffs at Edgewood Apts.


May 22, 2012 - Sergeant Stephens (assignment# 3696) held a young boy in handcuffs during an investigation of a robbery. As we approached the scene, police were heard warning Stephens that he was being filmed. We initially assumed the boy was a suspect, but as soon as we arrived with cameras, Stephens took off the handcuffs and released the boy. It is unclear what - if any - justification there was for detaining him. It is also unclear why the officer felt physical restraints were necessary for someone who clearly posed no threat.

Police Brutality at Student Walkout


Narrative forthcoming

Copwatch and BLOCS Release Review Board Information To the Public

The Atlanta Citizen Review Board (ACRB) is charged with independently reviewing and investigating complaints against officers of the Atlanta Police Department and Atlanta Department of Corrections. The ACRB was revived in 2007 after Atlanta Police Department officers killed English Avenue grandmother Kathryn Johnston, as she lay in her bed. Since its revival, the Board has investigated dozens of complaints and has repeatedly urged APD to hold officers accountable for misconduct.

Union City Police Refuse to Identify Themselves at Rally for Ariston Waiters


On January 17th, 2012, Copwatchers requested the names and badge numbers of several officers who were monitoring a protest/rally in Union City. All but one refused to identify themselves, and most had their name tags and badges covered over by their jackets.

The protest was regarding the recent police murder of Ariston Waiters by Officer Luther "Machine Gun" Lewis on December 14th, 2011.


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