Man arrested for questioning police in Troy Davis Park


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On June 18th, 2012, "Ambassadors" at Troy Davis Park (a.k.a. Woodruff Park) tried to force a few chess players to leave the park.  Ambassadors are private employees and do not have authority to force individuals to leave public property, so the chess players refused.

Atlanta Police were called to the scene, and Officer Thomas (#6178) ordered the chess players to leave.  He threatened to arrest them for disorderly conduct if they refused to leave the public park.

One of the chess players accused the police of conspiring with the Ambassadors to violate the rights of people in the park.  Officer Thomas then demanded the chess player's ID, but refused to give any justification for the demand.  Civilians are not required to identify themselves unless they have been detained, so the individual refused.

APD Officer Thomas then arrested the individual.  Reportedly, the case was quickly dismissed, presumably because the arrest was unlawful.

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