Officer C.J. Lee Forbids Filming


On January 16 2011, two individuals were riding bicycles on Custer Ave near Moreland Ave in Dekalb County.  They were pulled over at around 11:50pm by Dekalb County Police Officer C.J. Lee (Badge #2291) who asked them what they were doing riding there at night.  The bicyclists declined to answer questions and asked if they were free to go.  The officer then appeared annoyed and exited his car (car #10011).  At this point one of the bicyclists began video recording with his cell phone.  The officer said he did not want to be filmed.  He asked for identification from both individuals and said they were being detained.  The bicyclists provided identification.  The officer again objected to being filmed, asserted that the cameraperson had no right to film him, and ordered that the camera be turned off.  The bicyclists continued recording, and the officer eventually released the two.

Incident Date