Police Harass Food Not Bombs in Hurt Park


Food Not Bombs was serving their weekly meal in Hurt Park, Atlanta, on August 18th 2010, when a Georgia State University police officer, who later identified himself as Sgt Simms, began harassing a man for lying on the grass. Copwatchers who were present began to film the incident. Two other officers, Lt Brinkley and Sgt Mack, arrived on the scene and demanded to know who was serving food and whether they had a permit to feed in the park. The activists were ordered to leave the park and Sgt Mack threatened to "dispose" of the food if they refused. The meal was almost done anyways and so Food Not Bombs decided to leave the park for that day.

In 2000, Food Not Bombs won a lawsuit against the city after the group was prevented from serving serving food in public parks. 

The next week, activist gathered in the park in support of Food Not Bombs. Sgt Simms soon arrived and again demanded to see a permit. In response the activists presented a letter from their lawyer indicating that they had already sued the city and won, and were prepared to do so again if they continued to interfere with the meal. The officer left but quickly returned with four other officers who walked through the crowd and took pictures of activists before leaving.

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