SWAT Raid at Wesley Ave Home


Jan 4th 2013 7:23AM
The APD APEX Unit (formerly REDDOG) raided a house in the Edgewood neighborhood.
Tear gas caused coughing and irritation in the surrounding area.  Witnesses say flashbang grenades were used inside the house.
Police searched the house and seized items, but no weapons were ever seen.  However the SWAT police were equipped with assault rifles, armor and gas masks.  It's unclear what (if anything) prompted such overwhelming force in this raid.

The residents were forced out of the house in their pajamas and made to lie on the pavement in 30 degree weather.
A neighbor tried to provide coats to the freezing men, but the police refused.  Eventually, he persuaded the police to allow the coats, although it was still insufficient protection.  The men were held for over an hour in the cold before being transported.

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