Woman Arrested for "Contempt of Cop" While Feeding Homeless


Caroline Croland was arrested on June 1st, 2014 while volunteering with Atlanta Food Not Bombs, a group which serves food to homeless people.  Her supposed crime was questioning why the cops were harassing Food Not Bombs.

APD Officer S. Camille was harrassing and detaining another volunteer, and seemed to be targetting the group.  Angered by this, Caroline shouted at the officer "Why can't we share a meal every sunday without state harassment?  Why?  Answer me!"

Officer Camille then illegally arrested Caroline for "disorderly conduct".  Questioning or criticizing the police is protected by the first amendment.  Cops don't have the right to arrest someone just because they feel disrespected.  Caroline is suing the Atlanta Police Department and filing complaints against the officer involved.

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